Seating #1   I   5.00pm - 7.00pm
This simply means you can book anytime from 5.00pm,
with an end time of 7.00pm making way for the next scheduled bookings.
*we welcome kids of all ages during this time slot
but do ask that you advise in advance if you're visiting with a pram*

Seating #2   I   From 7.00pm - close
This is strictly an 18+ preferred timeslot on both Fri + Sat nights.
No kids, no prams, no allowances - we consider this an adults playground.
This is not in place to offend in any way...
It's simply so that guests can enjoy our venue in the way it was intended. 


Our focus is on a high level of food integrity + customer service.
So please be mindful of possible wait times during peak times;
especially on weekends.

**we encourage earlier phone take-away orders wherever possible.